Ries A-100-2 Tri-Lock Tripod - 1/4 Mounting Screw

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The Ries A100-2 is perfect ultra large format cameras.

This tripod also works great for Ultra Large Format Cameras, such as the Canham 14x17 & 12x20 & 20x24.ᅠ

Made from hardrock maple the A100-2 features a Tri-Lock mechanism for individual leg angle adjustment.

Ries A100-2 series tripods lower to 12 inches at maximum leg spread and have a folded height of 40 inches with a maximum height of 62 inches without extension legs.

The A100 can support cameras up to 60 lbs.

All Ries tripod come with a life-time warranty.

This tripod works best with the Ries A-250-2 Double-Tilt Head, see image #2.