Canham 6x17 Roll Film Back

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K. B. Canham is pleased to offer the first motorized 6x17 roll film back for use on any of the Canham 5x7 view cameras.

The back is manufactured from 6061 T6 aluminum.

Each metal component is machined from solid aluminum blocks. No castings are used.

This method of manufacturing assures that each part is made to the most demanding tolerances.

The film plane, pressure plate, is flat to within 0.0005 inches (0.0127mm).

The back operates on a 9 volt battery.

The electronic film winder has built in memory.

This permits the user to change batteries mid-roll without losing film position.

A low battery warning is incorporated to let you know when it is time to change a battery.

The warning lights blink early enough so that the film currently in the back can be completed before you change the battery.

Approximately 20 rolls of film may be shot using just one battery.

Image number 3 shows the Canham 6x17 roll film back on a Canham 5x7 MQC Metal Camera (camera not included)

Click here for instructions on how to use the back.