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Leica S (Typ 007) Medium Format DSLR Camera (Body Only)

  • $16,900.00

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> Compact, fast and most versatile medium format camera on the market

> Outstanding image quality with 37.5 MP Leica CMOS Sensor

> Maestro II Processor enabling 3.5 fps continuous burst shooting

> Comprehensive portfolio of excellent Leica S lenses

> More than 80 third party lenses adaptable with the use of several Leica S-Adapters

> Medium format cinematic capabilities, CINE 4K (Super 35 format) & Full HD video

> WiFi & GPS built-in

> 3 additional ISO steps over its predecessor (ISO 12,500) & an increase in dynamic range of up to

15 f-stops

> Faster JPEG processing & USB 3.0 high speed tethering

> Simple operation thanks to a refined, intuitive, joystick-based control concept with a larger top cover


> 100% faster DNG processing & CF writing speed

> Stainless steel lens mount & weather sealing

The Leica S (Typ 007) has many new features which make it the ideal choice for the medium format market.

Among the many features are:

> Faster frame rate of 3.5 fps

> Better low noise hi-ISO 12500

> Better dynamic range and colors

> Full ADOBE integration (native DNG workflow)

> Medium format cinematic capabilities

> Cine 4K (Super 35 format) & Full HD in medium format

> Best live view

> Unique live view full from autofocus

> Best lenses in the market

> True high quality wide-angle

> Best zoom lens

> Fastest, most precise AF

> Better ergonomics with smaller dimensions

> Weather sealed to protect from spray water & dust

> Easier to use & more intuitive making it easily accessible to operate

> Up to 1000 shots with a fully charged battery

> WLAN (iOS App) & GPS integrated

> Worldwide service network

> Stable product value

> Trusted Leica brand


The Maestro II Processor has been specially developed for Leica for use in the new Leica S and is four times faster than its predecessor. All its electronic components are designed for maximum data throughput. The processor provides improved noise suppression and ensures that the camera reacts instantaneously to your commands. The continuous shooting rate of up to 3.5 frames per second sets a new record in the medium format class. This is all made possible by 7,500 digital/analogue converters in parallel and a 2 GB buffer memory.


Leica Pro Format

Experience perfection in even the tiniest details. The new Leica S possesses all the proven qualities of the S-System, in particular the innovative, 30 by 45 mm Leica Max CMOS image sensor in Leica Pro Format. This sensor is more than 50 per cent larger than that of a 35 mm camera. Leica Pro Format offers perfect balance between image quality and creative options. It is large enough to deliver significantly higher imaging quality and shallower depth of focus than 35 mm and is suitable for a broad spectrum of photographic uses that go far beyond conventional medium format photography.



With the Cine 4k standard, the new Leica S offers video imaging quality that you simply won’t find in other cameras. The entire, 45 mm, width of the sensor is used for video recording in full-HD resolution. This, together with the exceptional quality of Leica S-System lenses, lends video recordings a unique look that warms the hearts of cineasts. Videos produced with the new Leica S captivate viewers with the bokeh created by the use of selective sharpness that is so typical in Leica still pictures.



Less is more. Let your feelings and the intuitive handling concept of the Leica S be your guide. The innovative clickwheel control and the five-way switch guarantee you fast and simple access to the settings you need. The camera’s compact construction, favourable centre of balance and the ergonomically designed handgrip and low overall weight guarantee additional ease when shooting.


Live View and Tethering

Everything under control: the extra-large viewfinder of the Leica S is extremely bright and guarantees you a perfect view for composing your pictures and precise assessment of sharpness. With the exposure simulation function, focus peaking and the clipping display, you have complete and constant control of your picture. In conjunction with the Leica Image Shuttle 3.0 software, the new Leica S also supports tethered capture with an extra-fast USB 3.0 connection. The 5-metre, Lemo active USB 3.0 cable brings you extreme flexibility and guarantees consistently reliable data transfer.



A new dynamic experience. The revised predictive autofocus system of the new Leica S thinks one step ahead: it identifies movement in your subject and calculates how far your subject will have moved at the moment of exposure. Focus corrections are applied in the last fraction of a second. The combination of fascinating picture quality and the high continuous shooting rate open up new horizons for you in the area of dynamic photography.


Built to last

Reliability redefined: at the heart of the body of the Leica S is a rigid and extremely resilient, diecast magnesium chassis that is just as tough as its scratch-resistant Corning®Gorilla®Glass monitor screen cover. For the first time, the bayonet has been machined from solid stainless steel to ensure optimum endurance and a long life under even the toughest conditions and with frequent lens changes. All other components of the new Leica S are extremely robust and, thanks to the numerous seals, are perfectly protected against environmental influences, such as dust and moisture.



With the Leica S App, you can conveniently control all the relevant parameters of your Leica S from your iPhone or iPad by wireless remote control. The screen of your mobile end devices serves as a remote viewfinder display. For example, you can simply zoom in on your subject in the Live View image and set the focus on the details you need with a fingertip or share your images with your friends or your clients. The new Leica S is currently also the only professional SLR camera to feature a GPS module for optional geotagging of exposures. This allows the registration of shooting location, time and time zone details in the EXIF data of each image file. An invaluable aid when sorting and archiving your images!

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