BTZS Workshop DVD Video & Workbook

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This two hour DVD video covers the important points of the Beyond The Zone System method.

When you are done, you'll be able to characterize paper, film and have a firm understanding on what effects are really gained with one film or developer over another.

The video is invaluable to both the beginner and the advanced practitioner.

A workbook is included to help you track the lessons and provide further information on the methodology.

Topics covered include:

  • Testing Film
  • Testing Paper
  • Using your Steptablet
  • Plotting film and paper curves
  • Reading and understanding curves
  • Basic demos of the Plotter/Matcher software, the Film Tubes and the BTZS Exposure Computer
  • Using your test results in the field
  • Interpreting the data
  • Metering methods

Complete with fifty page workbook on a CD (PDF files).