Arca Swiss F Metric C 4x5 with Orbix Micrometric Tilt

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Arca Swiss F Metric C 4x5 with Orbix Micrometric Tilt

The Arca Swiss camera system, with its standardized – and therefore interchangeable - components, gives the photographer all the options needed to match the equipment to any imaginable assignment.

The 4x5 F-Metric offers geared front standard 40mm rise/60mm fall to aid composing your architectural images, along with ±50mm of lateral shift on each standard as well (±31mm of geared movement).

also offers unlimited vertical swing movement to allow you to remove the bellows (which is a quick procedure) and pack the camera flat. Collapsing 30cm Monorail.

The monorail slides directly into any tripod with an Arca-type quick release clamp, which is itself an adored professional standard.

F-Metric cameras offer self-locking geared rise and fall movements.

With Arca Swiss cameras, the large bellows diagonals mean there is no interference with the image – both to eliminate the possibility of vignetting and also to produce higher image contrasts.

Arca Swiss cameras offer ergonomically designed and matched controls for the movements that determine sharpness and perspective.

Separating the shift and swing functions make it possible to swing and focus simultaneously in critical situations.

Micrometric Orbix Orbix can be added to all F Line camera models as an accessory.

The orbix's movements are perpendicular to the optical axis rather than the monorail.

Focus adjustments therefore occur in the selected plane and are also easier to make.

The orbix produces absolutely yaw-free movements – an indispensable feature when shooting with digital cameras because of their small sensors.

Another benefit is a marked increase in movement with short focal length lenses.

The orbix-dynamic model gives the user the ability to perform dynamic focus adjustments.

Simply make manual adjustments in the optical axis until the desired focus is attained.

Unlocking or locking of the mechanism is not required.

The orbix-micrometric model offers geared control.