BTZS Lite & BTZS DMAX Newsletter Complete 10 Volume CD

BTZS Lite & BTZS DMAX Newsletter Complete 10 Volume CD

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New From Phil Davis

BTZS Lite:

Armed with BTZS Lite and Expo/Dev, photographers can get good exposures - with your film test.

See our film testing service.

BTZS Lite consists of a CD-ROM (Mac or PC readable) with five Adobe Acrobat* files written by Phil that explain metering using either a spotmeter or an incident meter and calculating the correct exposure using the Expo/Dev software.

Using actual photographs Phil explains meter placement and other techniques to handle difficult exposure situations.

Topics covered include Zone System Metering with Expo/Dev, Visualization with the Incident Meter, Film/Developer Gradation Effects, Using the BTZS Expo/Dev Program, and much more.

D-Max Newsletter:

The DMAX Newsletter was published from January 1992 to March 2004, four times a year with each issue containing seven to eight pages with a couple of special sixteen page issues. The newsletter featured the writing of Phil Davis and Fred Newman

The CD contains PDFs of each newsletter. Some of the early issues which never had an electronic version have been scanned.

Volume One

Testing Paper - The Why and How, Getting the Facts on ISO
Testing Film - Getting started, Growing Past Burn-out, Film Development, Developers & Effective Film Speed
Testing Film - Analysis of Results, The Incident Meter in Use
Applications of Sensitometry - Testing PMK Pyro

Volume Two

Sensitometry - An Issue of Craft, Extended Fix Times & Film Density
Densitometers - Choosing & Building
Working in a Vacuum, It's More than Just Range, Ultra Large Format Photography
The importance of Process, An Alternative Print Spotting Method

Volume Three

DI#13 - A Special Low Contrast Film Developer, Table Extension for the X-Rite Model 331
Photographers' Formulary Excel "Film Enhancer", Toning for Maximum Black Part 1
VC Paper Filtration Testing, Large Format Film Tags, Dust Free Film Holders, Calculating Selenium Toning Formulas, 2 E-Z to Make Accessories
Flare Compensation with the FX-795P & Plotter Programs, The Negative: Is It Science or Is It Art?, Toning for Maximum Black Part 2

Volume Four

Reciprocity "Failure" and What To Do About It, Oliver Gagliani
The Effects of Changing Development Temperature, One Size Doesn't Fit All, Testing a Developer for the Effects of Presoaking
Ilford Multigrade FB Warmtone Paper, The Negative: Science & Art?, Light - Friend and Foe
How to Read a BTZS Film Test, Some Fixer Bleaching Tests

Volume Five

Selenium Intensification of Negatives, World's Simplest Darkroom, Travel Tip
VC Paper Filtration Testing, Two Exercises to Improve Judgment in Printing
Testing Bergger Prestige Variable NB Paper, Heiland Densitometer Review, Film Developer Dilution Part I
Film Developer Dilution Part 2, Working in Converted, Provisional & Temporary Darkrooms

Volume Six

Adventures in Format, Lotus BPF200 film
Metering Methods for B&W Compared - the Incident System, Why I hate Infrared
Developers, Developers, Developers
A New B&W Developer: Ilfotec DDX, Photographers & Honesty

Volume Seven

Developers & Film Speed, Lens Contrast & MTF, & Indispensable Tech Books
Forte Contact Printing Paper, Processing Ultra-large Film, Amidol vs D-72
Which ES is Right?, The Beauty of the Lens Image, 3 Useful Palm Programs
3 Forte Papers, BTZS Film Tube Agitation, PowerDial Zone Exposure Correction

Volume Eight

Water for Developer Dilution, Preparing a Portfolio, PlotterPlus on the G-Series Macs
To Shoot or Not to Shoot, Selenium Toning for Maximum Black,
Choosing a Printer Paper
New Fuji Acros 100, Does Paper Developing Time Make a Difference

Volume Nine

A Library of Film Curve Families
A Library of Film Curve Families (double issue with vol.1)
Dealing with Extremes of Contrast
A Treatise on Reciprocity Effects

Volume Ten

Effective Film Speed: TMX vs. 100 Tmax
DI#13 Film Developer Revisited
Two Efke Films, Kodak Tri-X 320 Film, Estimating Developer Dilution