Ries H-100-2 Tri-Lock Tripod - 3/8 - 16 Mounting Screw

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The H100-2 is the heavy duty version of the H100 tripod.  It reduces magnification of the camera’s own vibrations, specifically the movement by the mirror.  Secondly, it reduces vibrations common to concerts, cities, large crowded events and race tracks.  Most popular with wedding photographers for both vibration damping and beauty.  Perfect because of its wide range of formats and it is extremely portable.

he H100-2 has the same specifications as the J100-2 except the crown size is 2 inches / 5.1 cm, the industry standard base size for most DSLR heads.  The H100-2 is for professional DSLR medium format, and professional video cameras.  Ries H Series Tripods feature the Tri-Lock mechanism making them the most stable tripod in the industry.  They are made standard from Eastern Hard Rock Maple or custom made from one of our Special wood selections.

Works great with ball heads, such as those by Arca Swiss, Giottos & Acratech.

Weight – 11 Pounds

Crown Size  –  2 Inches

Maximum Camera Weight  –  60 Pounds

Minimum Height  –  12 Inches

Maximum Height  –  62 Inches

Maximum Height  –  62 Inches