Workshop in New Mexico - Nov 3rd - Nov 9th

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I am conducting a workshop this November with my friend Lynn Radeka. For large format photographers doing BTZS or wanting to learn BTZS, I will be offering one free BTZS film test and also including the BTZS Learning Special. Once you have done the film test you will be able to load your film test into the ExpoDev program for the iPhone/iPad.

Also I will be working with you to teach you the incident system. Phil Davis always taught how to use an incident meter at the BTZS workshops. This will be an opportunity to learn BTZS and take photographs in some amazing places. This is a land of grand vistas, ancient dwellings, fantastic ghost towns, historic churches and some of the world's most unusual and photogenic scenery and how to use your incident meter in all the different light from early morning to late in the day and at least one evening. Phil Davis always spent one evening photographing in the evening. You will get to see how the ExpoDev program does reciprocity. If you need recommendations on an incident meter, please contact me.

When you get the BTZS Learning Special be sure to read in the D-Max Newsletter all of Volume 9. In Volume 9, Issue 4 you will see how Phil calculated reciprocity.

We will meet for dinner on November 3rd, the night before the workshop begins, so everyone can get to know each other. The workshop is from November 4th to November 9th.

We will be photographing for six days, so bring plenty of film and/or memory cards. After dinner each night we will review photographs from that day. For the large format photographers, take a photograph of your ground glass for each photograph and/or take a "similar" digital photograph that we can review. This way, we can go over your images and metering from your ExpoDev files.

For the large format photographers, please watch my video on traveling with sheet film and BTZS:

For the digital photographers, be sure to bring enough memory cards as we will be photographing the majority of the day. I would recommend bringing a computer, so you can see the images you take each day and also to back up your memory cards. I you have a new digital camera or you haven’t used your camera recently, be sure to bring your instruction manual. Also be sure to bring a sturdy tripod and a head that you can level and pan either left or right to do panoramas. An example is seen in this video:

For more information on the workshop:

If you have questions, please feel free to email or call me.

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